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What it DOT?

This is about the Old Town community getting together and enjoying this unique area of Bridlington, and if we enjoy living here, then there's a good chance you will enjoy visiting.

DOT began as a group getting together for the Heritage Open Days weekend in 2017.  We are a varied bunch; consisting of residents, people coming here for work and relaxation and people with an interest in Old Town.  We want to see this wonderful place thrive to the benefit of everyone here.

Bridlington Old Town was one of first Conservation Areas to be designated in East Yorkshire, with a layout still showing the mediaeval street pattern and 105 listed buildings. DOT is actively involved in preserving what is historically relevant within the area, while building on it for the future.

DOT’s aim is to promote and support arts, heritage and culture in the Old Town – a broad remit that means we seek to help and encourage ‘happenings’ that endeavour to make Old Town a destination for visitors and a great place for its residents.  None of these need be large in themselves but, as they multiply over time, they begin to increase Old Town’s desirability as a destination; whether you are coming here to live, work or play.

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